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Associated Laundry Services is a full service, Western Australian owned and operated commercial laundry established in 1990. A trusted supplier to businesses, we take pride in providing an individual and reliable laundry service to the Perth Metropolitan areas and regional locations. Our focus is personalised service, dedicated quality control and attention to the smallest detail. Our state-of-the-art washing and finishing equipment ensures a pristine, clean and perfectly finished product. We assure you that compliance with stringent hygiene standards is a top priority. We are obsessed with sanitation and cleanliness. Our laundry machines, folding tables, trolleys and floors are sanitised daily. Both thermal and chemical disinfection procedures are followed to meet the duty of care guidelines in ensuring that your linen is returned to you hygienically clean.

Who We Service


We launder and process large bundles of clothing, towelling and bedding for boarding schools, hostels, student

campuses and sports clubs including school blazers, uniforms, graduation gowns, sports kits & umpire coats, health centre linen, stage & art backdrops, canteen & kitchen linen.
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We supply pristine, hotel-grade bed, bath & table linen to boutique hotels, motels, airbnb’s and serviced apartments.

All of our linen is microchipped to assist managers and housekeeping with stock control. We take care of customer’s own linen, removing dust mites and allergens, freshening and sanitising pillows, mattress protectors, quilts, blankets, cushion covers, curtains & shower curtains. Embroidered bedspreads, feather & down duvets are processed through our delicate “wet cleaning” process.
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Helping medical centres, physiotherapists and allied health care clean and disinfect towels, pillow cases,

medical sheets and blankets for a safe and hygienic health care session is important to us. We also provide a linen rental service for a fresh exchange service as often as required. Medical tunics/trousers and uniforms are washed, ironed and sterilised through both chemical and thermal disinfection and soft toys and cot blankets are cleaned through our wet cleaning process for softness and thorough cleansing of all high touch items.
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Catering and Event Hire

Associated Laundry Services take special care in quality control and hand inspect your table linen so

that it is perfect for your treasured event. We wash and finish linen tablecloths, napkins, ceremony drapes, silk walls and hand press chair covers with utmost care. Satin, velvet, chiffon, sequinned and embroidered lace are carefully processed though our “wet cleaning” cycle. We also provide starching of table linen and chef jackets to add crispness and body for a professional look and steam finish waiter & kitchen uniforms. We supply table linen, napkins, tea towels, microfibre and glass polishing cloths.
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Fresh towels, tea towels, glass polishing cloths and table linen freshly laundered by us for your sports/gym club members.

A towel hire and exchange service can also be supplied at your request.
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Beauty & Hair Salons

Your bedding, towelling, hairdressing capes, bathrobes and slippers are sanitised through both thermal and chemical

processing so that your clients can be assured of freshly washed, hygienically clean linen. Our team can also remove massage oils and beauty treatments such as organic mud from your day spa, cosmetic clinics or hair salon towelling.
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Aged Care & Retirement Villages

Washing is a chore for most of us, but for our Nana and Pops, washing can become a burden.

Bending, carrying heavy baskets, lifting and hanging out the washing can become too hard. We will pick up, launder and care for your linen and bedding, returned to you folded and hygienically clean. Our detergents are gentle and caring on your skin.
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Industrial & Local Authority Services

We concentrate on the correct laundering of high visibility reflective tapes and special coatings to ensure

that these garments continue to protect workers against potential hazards while carefully removing industrial grit and grime stains. Workwear is returned on hangers directly to your change-rooms. We launder lab coats, food processing jackets, overalls, thermal jackets and all workwear garments. We can microchip and tag your workwear uniforms to assist you with stock control and management.
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You know you need to wash that blanket, your mattress protector hasn’t been washed in a while and your doona hasn’t been washed…

in forever! We will help you tick off one chore on your “to do” list…giving you more time to do other things…pack that picnic basket, discover new at work, make mud cakes in the garden with your kids…smell the roses, smell fresh linen.
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Corporate & Promotional

We launder corporate mascots, uniforms, promotional banners and larger items such as satin car covers. If you’re a tennis fan,

you may recognise Queenie, the Quokka who cheered on our Fed Cup players and then also proudly supported our Aussie Girls! Queenie, is taking some much deserved R&R, which included a laundry “spa” treatment.

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Associated Laundry Services are proud & trusted to work with some of WA’s most reputable companies...

Our Comprehensive Laundry Services

Associated Laundry Services is one of the largest “COG – Customer Own Goods” laundries in Perth and while some of the larger laundries prefer not to handle COG items, we take utmost care in cleaning and caring for our customer’s own goods. For your piece of mind, we wash and dry each customer’s items separately and will never mix other people’s items with yours. Your washing is kept separate from collection to delivery. Our extensive services include:

Complete Wash-Dry-Fold Service

Laundering of customer own goods and linen

Specialised stain removal

“Wet Cleaning Service” for delicate and “dry clean only” items

Cleaning of protective workwear to maintain high visibility reflective tape & special coatings

Cleaning of larger items such as quilted bedding, picnic blankets, curtains, couch covers, painting sheets, camping gear, promotional banners, marquee walls, trampoline, umbrella & car covers.

Professional steaming, ironing and finishing service

Starching of chef jackets for a crisp, professional look

Starching of table linen

Bed, bath and table linen rental and laundry service

Supply of dust protection and anti-fatigue mat hire and exchange

Door to door pick-up and delivery service

RFID tagging, scanning and garment tracking to assist customers with housekeeping and stock control

Supply and use of dissolvable infection control laundry bags

Tea towel exchange & hire

Our Wet Cleaning Difference

What is “wet cleaning” and why should you care?

The label on your garment says dry clean only. When you take your clothes in to be dry cleaned, they are processed in a “washing machine” which uses a chemical solvent rather than water. Technology is changing and the laundry industry has been determined to find a non-toxic cleaning process for our garments and they have found “wet cleaning” to be an environmentally friendly alternative process. We use an advanced wet cleaning process for your delicate, luxurious fabrics and professional cleaning of textiles using minimal water, gentle detergents and conditioners instead of using harsh and toxic solvents. Sensitive, even non-washable textiles labelled dry clean only such as wools, silks, cashmeres, suedes and rayons can be safely cleaned through our wet cleaning cycle. Delicates with sequins and appliques, feather bedding, down jackets, ski wear, wool suits, business shirts, dress-up costumes and evening wear is expertly cleaned, steamed and relaxed for a beautiful finish. The wet cleaning process uses a minimal mechanical action, gently lifting and dropping your clothes in the washing drum, a reduced amount of water and special conditioners which protect the textile fibres from shrinking & felting. Clothing is beautifully, safely and fragrantly finished.

Why Choose Associated Laundry Services?

  • Individual washers ranging from 10kg – 100kg enable small or large wash loads  
  • Intelligent dryers with moisture sensitivity prevent over-drying
  • Items are wrapped and packaged for hygiene and presentation 
  • Flexible laundry service suited to your individual needs offering once off, drop ‘n go or scheduled weekly/bi-weekly pick-ups
  • Fast 24-hour turnaround on demand
  • Reliable and on-time delivery
  • Convenient, hassle free and time saving service 
  • Caring, dedicated and experienced staff with an eye for detail
  • Hand-inspected quality control guarantees consistently finished products

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Our Culture

At Associated Laundry Services, not only do we care about your laundry needs, we also care about our environment, our community and our dedicated staff. With these core beliefs as our basis we strive for the highest possible standard in laundry care and carefully consider the products and procedures that we use. Each week high volumes of laundry pass through the hands of our professional laundry team; washing, finishing and packing with the utmost care and attention to detail. We actively pursue partnerships within our industry that are local, environmentally friendly and ethical.

  • We use green certified detergents to care for your fabric 
  • We match the laundry load size to the smallest machine to save energy and water
  • We pursue linen suppliers who source their products from ethical providers
  • We use wet cleaning processes rather than dry cleaning with no use of harsh, toxic chemicals to care for our staff and our environment
  • Our 58 panel solar energy system helps us reduce our carbon output and impact on the environment
  • Our chemical use is controlled by dosage pumps to ensure that we use precise quantities of detergents without over usage
  • Our staff wellbeing, health and safety is of paramount importance to us and working within the WorkSafe guidelines is a top priority
  • We have a friendly and caring work culture. Committed and loyal, many of our staff members have been with us for several years and have over 25 years of laundry knowledge. They know our customers and understand their linen needs
  • Service is always with a smile

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